The following is a list of episodes of the animated series Portal Heroes. Only BaconMahBoi can add episodes to the page, but if you have any episode ideas, leave them in the comment section.

Season one (2014)Edit

The first season began on February 13, 2014 with the first episodes "Time Vortex" and "Power Staff" and were met positively with 112,000 televisions tuning in on its premiere. The first half-hour special and holiday special, Easter Day (episode seven), premiered on April 18, 2014 and is currently the highest-rated episode of the series with 118,000 televisions tuning in for the premiere.

No. Episode title Synopsis Airdate
1a Time Vortex Serena must defeat a robot to save Dave and John from a time vortex. February 13, 2014
1b Power Staff Dave learns the true powers of his new magical staff. February 13, 2014
2a The Bird The trio battle a giant bird terrorising the kingdom of Zanthi. February 20, 2014
2b Cursed John tries to lift Magarto's curse with magic; Serena tries to heal it. February 20, 2014
3a His Hair John's hair disappears, so the others try to get it back with magic. February 27, 2014
3b A Broken One Dave becomes stuck in a broken portal, so Serena and John try to rescue him. February 27, 2014
4a Mirror World Serena becomes a sarcastic villian after travelling to a mirrored realm. March 6, 2014
4b Chillaxing The portals are down for maintenance, so our heroes chill out for a while. March 6, 2014
5a The Collision The trio must fix a problem where every dimension in the universe fuses into one. April 14, 2014
5b Animals Dave the snake, Serena the cat and John the eagle battle in an animal world. April 15, 2014
6a The Staff Serena and John try to fix Magarato's broken staff while Dave is out sick. April 16, 2014
6b Summoned Dave's staff goes haywire and keeps infinitely summoning random objects. April 17, 2014
7 Easter Day The trio's Easter family dinner plans are ruined when a demon attacks the world. April 18, 2014
8a The Hand The three must solve the mystery of a strange hand stealing things via portals. April 21, 2014
8b Children The trio are trapped in a pre-school friendly dimension with no violence allowed. April 21, 2014
9a Neverending Serena and Dave must find their way out of an infinite-sized dimension. April 22, 2014
9b Mythical Beast Four beasts only spoken of in legends make their way into Zanthi. April 23, 2014
10a The Volcano The trio battle a creature in an active volcano while avoiding being burnt.. April 24, 2014
10b NaughtyNice A beast takes control of John's personality; Dave and Serena set out to defeat it. April 25, 2014
11a Think Ahead The trio enter a dimension where time is super fast, and end up in the future. August 4, 2014
11b Landmarks A magical monster destroys several famous landmarks; the trio battle against it. August 4, 2014
12a It Transforms The three have to slay a tricky beast who can shapeshift into anything. August 11, 2014
12b Evil Master Margarto is cursed to be evil. August 11, 2014
13a Giant Fists Dave must defeat a creature with giant fists while Serena tries to wake up John. August 18, 2014
13b New Staffs Magarto rewards the trio for their hard work with new, more powerful, staffs. August 18, 2014

Season 2 (2015 - 2016)Edit

On July 30, 2014, it was revealed the series was renewed for a second season of another thirteen episodes. The season premiered on February 2, 2015 with the first episode "Darkness". The season featured two hoiday specials ("Beasts Arise", the Halloween special and "Christmas", the two-part Christmas special).

No Episode title Synopsis   Airdate
1a Darkness The trio must save the world when it plunges into darkness. February 2, 2015
1b Paper Thin When the world becomes 2D, the trio must destroy a magic staff to stop it. February 3, 2015
2a Teddy of Evil A pink little teddy terrorises the world, so the trio must defeat it.. February 4, 2015
2b The Ocean All the world's water is destroyed; the trio must save us from dehydration. February 5, 2015
3a The Portal that Didn't Serena and Dave are sucked into a void via portal; John must save them. February 6, 2015
3b R.I.P Television A monster destroys all television signals, so the trio must restore them. February 9, 2015
4a Staff Meeting When the trio's staffs go missing, they must find it without magic. February 10, 2015
4b Hypothermiaworld An Arctic beast freezes the Kingdom of Zanthi. February 11, 2015
5a Back we Go Magarto reminisces about his days as a hero. June 11, 2015
5b His Hero In a fantasy world, Dave meets his comic book hero Shard-Guy. June 12, 2015
6a Gaming Serena has a twenty-four hour video-game marathon. June 18, 2015
6b Tick Tock The trio mess around when they learn to freeze time, but chaos ensues. June 19, 2015
7a Sucker The trio must save a city being sucked up into a creature's mouth. June 25, 2015
7b Space Hoppin' John and Dave chase an alien through space. June 26, 2015
8a Beasts Arise Demons from the Underworld are summoned on Halloween. October 31, 2015
8b Garden Guardians A grass monster arises from Zanthi's Grand Garden. November 9, 2015
9a Fused An evil scientist forces eighteen beasts into one horrifying monster. November 10, 2015
9b The Core The trio save a cute monster forced to power an evil kingdom. November 11, 2015
10a The Water Beast The trio need to save an underwater city from a water beast. November 12, 2015
10b Fire Elementals Four fire beasts emerge from a volcano. November 13, 2015
11a Christmas - Part I A magical beast brainwashes everyone to hate Christmas. December 23, 2015
11b Christmas - Part II Dave breaks free of the brainwashing and must save everyone else. December 24, 2015
12a Quakin' It John must solve the mystery of an earthquake. February 1, 2016
12b Boxing Dave is accidentally entered in a boxing contest. February 8, 2016
13a The Sword of Zanthi The trio are rewarded for their help in Zanthi with a magical sword. February 15, 2016
13b Meteors Thousands of meteors strike Earth; Magarto is struck and killed by one. February 22, 2016

Season 3 (2016 - present)Edit

As of this season, all episodes have their original premiere on BaconNetwork before premiering on Nicktoons some time later.

The series was announced to be renewed for a third season, along with its second one, on July 30, 2014. The season premiered on June 6, 2016 with the first episodes "Ghost Magarto" and "Possessed in Zanthi". This was the first season to feature a story arc, running from Possessed in Zanthi (1b) to The Party (3b).

The season featured two holiday specials - a two-part winter special "Snow Day" and "Winter Ends", along with a New Year's special "The New Year". 

No. Episode title Synopsis Airdate
1a Ghost Magarto While the trio mourn Magarto's death, the master comes back as a ghost. June 6, 2016
1b Possessed in Zanthi The trio investigate ghost possession terrorising Zanthi. June 6, 2016
2a John the Ghost John is possessed by one of the ghosts and turns against his friends. June 13, 2016
2b World of the Spirits The trio travel to the World of the Spirits to stop the ghosts. June 13, 2016
3a The Final Battle The trio must defeat the Ghost King to stop the possession.. June 20, 2016
3b The Party Magarto and the trio are invited to a thanks party for them in Zanthi. June 20, 2016
4a Too Much Magic Chaos ensues when two powerful wizards battle. June 27, 2016
4b Serena's Hedgehog Serena needs to save her new hedgehog from an evil wizard. June 27, 2016
5a Chocolate Bar Rights Dave must try and set things right when John turns into a chocolate bar. September 5, 2016
5b The Eternal Rain The trio investigate everlasting rain in a strange dimension. September 5, 2016
6a Fire Wizard A fire wizard is burning the worlds piece by piece, and must be stopped! September 12, 2016
6b Alien TV An alien broadcasts a message on all the world's TVs. September 12, 2016
7a Slumber for Eternity The trio must lift an eternal sleep spell cast on the King of Zanthi. September 19, 2016
7b Flying Serena and John learn flying spells; Dave tries to learn it too. September 19, 2016
8a Aliensss The trio are sent on a quest each revolving around aliens. September 26, 2016
8b Texting An unknown creature somehow manages to text Dave. September 26, 2016
9a Snow Day (part 1) Extreme snow conditions disrupts the portal service. December 12, 2016
9b Winter Ends (part 2) The extreme snow is being caused by an evil wizard. December 12, 2016
10a The New Year Time is frozen at 23:59:59 on New Year's Eve. December 31, 2016
10b In Dreams A peek at the trio - and Magarto's - dreams. January 2, 2017
11a Missing Staff No one can find Serena's staff. January 3, 2017
11b TentaTakeover Zanthi is overrun by thousands of magical octopi. January 4, 2017
12a The Game of Life A magical board game can change the world's fate. January 5, 2017
12b SunMoon The sun and the moon are about to collide; the trio must stop this. January 6, 2017
13a John's Portal There is a strange portal which, for some reason, only John can use. January 9, 2017
13b Wild Pets start behaving viciously, this must be investigated by the trio. January 10, 2017

Season 4 (2017)Edit

On August 13, 2016, it was announced that the series was renewed for a fourth season, set for premiere in April 2017. Unlike the previous seasons, season four will consist of twenty-six full episodes, and fifty-two segments in total. It was later revealed on February 4, 2017 by Bacon that the fourth season will be the series' last, to make way for new shows.

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