Dave Gregory is a main character in the series Portal Heroes. A brave young adult, he is willing to take on anything to help save anyone or anything.


Dave is a brave and selfless character. He is skilled at performing magic spells and has exceptional sword ability. Despite his heroic nature, he loves to watch television or PeopleTube and makes a pun every time there's an opportunity. He would do anything to save his friends, strangers, planets, anything that needs protecting from the forces of evil.


Dave has black spiked hair along with black eyes. He wears an orange t-shirt with a blue spiral in the middle in the majority of episodes, but has some different outfits (see Outfits). He wears a navy blue pair of trousers most of the time, and occasionally wears a red cap with a brown diamond symbol on it.


Usual outfitEdit

See Appearance above.

Cold/winter outfitEdit

In episodes taking place during winter or in a cold place like the Ice Dimension, Dave wears a light purple puffy jacket with white fluff padding in the hood, and his usual navy blue trousers.

Summer outfitEdit

In episodes revolving hot situations (like a volcano, beach etc.), Dave wears his usual t-shirt with a pair of red shorts. He always wears his red cap while wearing this outfit.


As seen in a few episodes, Dave wears dark purple pyjamas with stars and moons on them, and sleeps with a grey teddy named Senor Cuddles.


Only seen in a couple of episodes, Dave's swimwear consists of red swimming trunks and a pair of blue goggles.

Voice actorsEdit

  • English: Lewis MacLeod
  • French: Alexandre Gillet


  • As seen in "Power Staff" while he is filling out a form, Dave's full name is David Robert Dirdio, and his date of birth is October 12, 1999, making him fourteen at the time the series began, and sixteen now.

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